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Bride mocked for ill-fitting gown that is ‘three sizes too big for her boobs’ – but friend that is groom’s accused of ‘body shaming’

  • 27 Jul 2019, 15:39
  • Updated: 27 Jul 2019, 15:39

A BRIDE happens to be mocked on her "ill-fitting" wedding gown on Twitter, which some said appeared to be "wrinkled sheets".

The dress, which does not appear to have been adjusted to her form, is "3 sizes too large on her boobs" based on a close buddy mail order bride for the groom's.

Posting in the Wedding Shaming Twitter team, she said: "their spouse wore that ill fitting gown. Which is 3 sizes too large on her boobs".

The post has racked up 1,500 reviews as it ended up being made yesterday, many sympathetically stated the US bride may have not been in a position to pay for alterations.

She tied the knot in a registry workplace, at her City that is local Hall suggesting she might have been on a tight budget.

Commenting regarding the post, one woman said: "Oh no woman, why! bad woman, too bad. Breathtaking gown, simply does not fit correctly".

Other people penned: "Too bad, it is an attractive gown" and "She simply had a need to spend money on some decent underwear and she’d have actually checked lovely".