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Nonsense and Justice in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

considered to be random, senseless, unpredictable, and without rules. Moreover, even justice is not spared of parody, chaos and injustice are logical consequences of residing in Wonderland. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a tale about only a little girl who comes into experience of unpredictable, illogical, basically mad world of Wonderland by using the White Rabbit into a huge rabbit – hole. Everything she experiences there challenges her perception and questions wise practice. This extraordinary world

Mirror Image In Comparison To Alice in Wonderland

Alice's Conversion The feeling of not knowing who the individual really is and just how they feel could be hard. This emotion was described within the story “Mirror Image” by Lena Coakley. This short story had a girl named Alice that has to go through a brain transplant. This changed her entire life. As a result of this brain transplant, she sometimes felt that she was not really herself but felt that she was Gail, who was simply the body of the individual she was in.